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General Practices

We offer you comprehensive packages dealing with acute and chronic illnesses including medical checkups for students and working adults.


We have the complete spectrum of vaccination for both infants & children according to the Malaysian Immunization Schedule.

Epigenetics Screening

Medical breakthrough to decode illness at early stage & from our gene itself. This screening helps to detect even the most fatal disease at an early stage including cancer.

Fertility Screening

We provide customized screening packages for men and women coupled with our doctor’s supplements and lifestyle advices.

Blood test (Hematology) & ECG

We have packages varying from basic upto detailed blood profile designed for different individuals according to your need like wellness packages for both men & women coupled with complete ECG and report from cardiologist.

Ultrasound & Antenatal Screening

We offer a complete examination of the body via ultrasound including packages for our pregnant ladies.

COVID – 19 Screening

We offer walk ins for COVID-19 screening throughout the day with affordable price.

Healthy Gut

We offer consultation and investigations to detect early inflammation in your gut. Here we focus on balancing and protecting your gut as a healthy gut is vital to avoid autoimmune conditions.
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